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Hot Spot

Location: Bhimtal is just 22 km and completely other-worldly away from Nainital which has the nearest airport. It is best accessed by road from New Delhi which is a six hours drive covering 340km. Taxis, coaches and luxury cabs are conveniently available.

Etymology: Bhimtal takes its name from the legends that have spanned the Indian sub-continent. ‘Bhim’ refers to the mighty hero of Mahabharata (the greatest epic of the world) and ‘tal’ means lake.

Sight-seeing & Activities: We do not quite want to bombard you with ‘must-see’ places and ‘should-do’ activities. In fact, we encourage you to spend your time in a way you never did before, on earlier vacations. Bhimtal not only touches you with its calm grandeur but also urges your deep-seated exploratory instincts. However, just in case you wish to have an idea of the things around, we provide a list to pick.
  • Boating & Angling: The most striking thing about Bhimtal is the mighty lake (the largest among the nine lakes in the Lake District of Kumaon) which offers excellent boating facilities. Angling is another thing you can take to. There is also a small island in the middle that houses a restaurant
  • Trekking & Hiking: You can trek and hike in the surrounding hills and conifer forests, which are abundant in oak, cedar and pine trees. This place will sweep you off from your routine life and thrust you into things larger than life. You can choose a nature exploration trip on foot through the numerous orchards, which will saturate your aromatic senses.
  • Bird-watching: The sweet chirping of birds will add melody to your life. Bird-watchers will be delighted to find migratory birds in the autumn and winter months.
  • Temples-visits: An old Victorian dam situated at a corner of the Bhimtal Lake, flanked by terraced flower gardens makes for a leisurely stroll. Just adjacent to the dam lies the historical Bhimkeshwar temple. There is another popular temple nearby called Godhakhal Temple.
  • Folk Traditions: If folk traditions are what you yearn to learn, there is the Museum of Folk Culture (Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya) that houses collections of several folk paintings and wood artifacts among other things.
  • Others: A German family living close by has a large collection of butterflies on display for visitors and tourists. It is listed in the Limca Book of (India) Records.
You have plenty of good places to see around too
Naukuchiatal (4km): It is home to the deepest lake (with nine corners) of the region which is flocked by migratory birds in the winters. A paragliding base has also been set up recently at Pandegaon.

Sattal (10 km): This place is named so because of the seven corners of the lake nestled together and offers panoramic views.

Nainital (25km): With the large Naini (eye-shaped) Lake occupying the heart of the town, this place is flocked by tourists for its many temples, bustling market selling local handicrafts to designer brands. The many view-points (with ropeway facilities at some) offer captivating sights of the distant snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

Almora: Seated at an elevation of 1650 meters above sea-level on a 5km long mountain slope between rivers Suyal and Kosi, this horse-shoe shaped town is the bustling cultural centre of the entire Kumaon region. With old forts around, it has a history behind its origin.