Mokshaa - A Homestay 9-Johns Estate, Bhimtal +91-9503553360


Extended Mokshaa
Mokshaa is a HOMESTAY / a SPIRITUAL RETREAT, open to all healers/artists/yoga groups to hold their workshops. We have large open spaces for yoga/ meditation, and a special pyramid room for healing.

Extended Pleasure:
The quietude that the resort offers, with mist married to air sets the ideal stage for your long-awaited burst of creativity. The tranquility laden atmosphere, over-looking a magnificent blue lake nestled among green hills, seeps through your pores and causes a sort of purgation in you.

Extended Hospitality: Transport yourself to this ‘no-worry’ land and you might just wish to settle down here for good. We take all the care in providing you a comfortable stay. Your convenience is what matters to us.

Extended Relationship: Rejoice the cool climes of the sub Himalayan terrain and fascinate yourself with its never-ending treasure of surprises. Make us your base-camp and you will take back memories that won’t fade with the years.