Mokshaa Retreat
Mokshaa - A Homestay 9-Johns Estate, Bhimtal +91-9503553360

Welcome to Mokshaa

Mokshaa is a HOMESTAY / looking to hold a SPIRITUALWORKSHOP / YOGA RETREAT, Mokshaa is perfectly designed, with open spaces and healing rooms designed for this purpose

Mokshaa awaits you

Liberate yourself from the worldly experiences and dive into ecstatic journey to a “SPIRITUAL RETREATE”.

Mokshaa is ready to welcome you to its’ serene embrace, breath-taking natural surroundings, calm and tranquil lush green environment, soothing water bodies and artistic interiors. Situated in the beauty of Bhimtal, it’s known to be a retreat for relaxation, peace and complete privacy.

As passing days offer you busy and demanding lifestyle, your longing for tasteful art, unending creativity, nourishing nature, stirring adventure, soothing spirituality goes wandering off? Rekindle those desires and meet yourself at Mokshaa: A place for the artistic, creative and spiritual essences. Our modern facilities are offered to provide you with comfortable extended stay and experience of home. The rawness of nature blends with wooden interiors and creative artworks that compliment traditional living with class and sophistication to match your persona.

Savor the morning sip of hot tea with glimpse of mist enveloping you. Stroll out in your sprawling private garden, meditate to the spiritual joy, sit out and cherish the chirping of the birds and immerse into Yogic Asana to put your self together.

Plan your day as simple or as adventurous as it can get by watching the sunrise and sunset or trekking away to Himalayan peaks. Travel the world of thoughts with our books specially placed for your needs. Unwind and bring your sport out with our badminton court or stay inside cuddled up and play indoor games. Go back to joyful times and sing away to glory around the bonfire or dance around the flames to keep your spirit high.

There is nothing pressing that you have to do while you enjoy these moments of solace with yourself or your loved ones. Carry the experience of wholeness and novelty back home from your “SPIRITUAL RETREAT”: